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Dogs who love

This greeter doesn't need a schedule mailed to her. Holly shows up every Sunday at Mount Olive Lutheran, Fairhope, Pa., to greet folks at this small church in the mountains of Somerset County. Here she welcomes Betty DePasquale, a visitor from St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Woodbury, N.J. Neither Holly nor her owners are members. Stay tuned for how publicity in The Lutheran affects Holly. Snickers, the "praying dog," is now as famous for his magazine appearance as for his praying (July 2004, page 36). The Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Mukwonago, Wis., Sunday school invited Snickers to their annual blessing of the pets in October after reading about him in the magazine. How has he responded to his sudden fame? "None of it has gone to his head," owner John Gugel told the children. "He is still the same lovable dog he always was. All Snickers wants to do is love us — just like God."


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