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The angels sing

Readers share favorite holiday activities

Tis the season to be jolly — and to sing, act, decorate, give gifts, help others. At least, that's what our youth do to celebrate Jesus' birth.

Youth sing their holiday praises at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Boulder, Colo. Last year the Cherub, Children of Our God and Saints Society choirs presented "Praises for the Christ Child" during worship.

The youth read Scripture and sang familiar carols — Away in the Manger and Silent Night; traditional spirituals — Go Tell It on the Mountain; as well as an African folksong, an ancient Hebrew melody and a lullaby.

This year "The Christmas Lamb" debuts, a "magical tour of seven continents in search of the Christ Child."

Youth combined singing and giving at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Ill. In "The Inn Kaper," Sunday schoolers told the story of Bethlehem's three supersleuths who solve the case of the grandmother's missing keys and find a special baby. The youth gave the $213 offering to the ELCA "Millions for Mitch" hurricane relief fund.

They give the Christmas tree a new look at First English Lutheran Church, South Haven, Mich. For many years they used hats, scarves and mittens for a clothing pantry. But a lot of mitten trees were cropping up, so they switched to bottles, rattles, pacifiers and infant clothing. They received such a good response that First English now serves as an infant needs pantry for the community.

And last year's tree? It was adorned with 364 new and used books to help a Peace Corps member start a children's library.


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