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Churchwide Assembly: Assembly approves 2000-2001 budget

The assembly approved by a 689-14 vote a 2000 budget proposal of $83.5 million and a World Hunger income of $12.7 million. Voting members also approved a 2001 budget of $84.8 million and World Hunger income of $12.8 million.

The budget proposal can be divided into six major categories, said Robert N. Bacher, ELCA executive for administration: $18.9 million for witness, $14.6 for nurturing members, $16.9 for service and justice, $2.7 for unity, $21.6 for leadership development and $21.3 for mutual support.

ELCA Treasurer Richard L. McAuliffe described the current financial position as "quite adequate" in his assembly report. Expenses increased by $2.6 million from fiscal year 1997 to 1998, but revenues grew even more, he said. Each of the two years ended with a $4 million surplus. Total revenues were $79.3 million in 1997 and $81.7 million in 1998.

"Revenue in excess of expense ... is important to us because it builds cash reserves and gives us the flexibility to support new mission opportunities," McAuliffe said.


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