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Churchwide Assembly: Miller elected editor of The Lutheran

"The Lutheran magazine is an answer to a prayer: 'Lord, we want to see,' " David L. Miller told the assembly before being elected by a 900-34 vote as the second editor of the ELCA publication. "It's a telescope helping the church to see further, a microscope helping it see in greater detail and clarity."

Miller, an ELCA pastor, has served on the magazine for 12 years, recently as senior editor. The Lutheran's advisory committee nominated Miller for editor. He replaces Edgar R. Trexler, who will retire when his term expires Oct. 31. Trexler served 34 years on the editorial staff of the magazine and its predecessor, 21 years as editor.

Trexler reflected on his many years as journalist for the church: "Through it all, I was keenly aware that The Lutheran was writing the contemporary history of this church. I thank you for asking me to do the only thing I ever wanted to do."

Miller recounted his experiences covering stories across the globe. Although he has reported extensively on the ELCA's global work, his penchant for covering the latest hurricane, earthquake or hunger crisis caused a colleague to dub him "Disaster David."

"It's been my joy and blessing to help the church see itself, its people, congregations, ministries, its global and ecumenical partnerships," Miller said. "It's my hope that I can continue to help us see and hear each other."


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