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Churchwide Assembly: Setting the stage

Episcopal, Moravian full communion agreements at ecumenical forefront

Saying that American Christians in 1900 inherited church cooperation and in 2000 are "bequeathing full communion," Presiding Bishop H. George Anderson set the stage for the Aug. 16-22 Churchwide Assembly in Denver. There the assembly adopted full communion agreements with the Episcopal Church and the Moravian Church, bringing to five the number of church bodies with whom the ELCA has reached this ecumenical goal.

The 1,038 voting members also:

* Voted 820-159 to continue conversations about homosexuality and possible leadership roles of gay and lesbian people.

* Adopted a social statement on economic life.

* Elected David L. Miller as new editor of The Lutheran.

* Gave $39,528 at the opening worship in honor of the 25th anniversary of the World Hunger Appeal.

* Enjoyed a Western festival where a seminary president performed magic tricks.

Text of the ecumenical agreements and the economic life statement can be found at www.elca.org/assembly99/issues.html.


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