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Who speaks for whom?

Reflecting on November's election

I'm outraged about recent stories. "Ten words for Christian voters" (October, page 8) appears to be in opposition to the Iraq war, similar to John Kerry's "The wrong war, the wrong place, the wrong time." "Democrats' religious outreach director quits" (October, page 9) makes reference to Kerry as president. I have thanked God that President Bush was re-elected. This magazine is treading on thin ice when it favors one candidate over another. And in November, "Faith leaders sign letter supporting gay marriage" (page 13). I know of a great faith leader strongly opposed to gay marriage. Why wasn't there an opposing article?

James C. Jarrett
Newton, N.C.

Is our church leadership savvy enough to see the parallel between our country's political divisions as seen in the election and the chasm between our ELCA leadership and the laity?

Arliss Weinman
Phillipsburg, Kan.

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