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LMM receives challenge grant

Thanks to an anonymous $500,000 gift, Lutheran Men in Mission is on its way to becoming financially self-sufficient.

Leaders of the men's ministry hope the gift will be matched 2-to-1 by planned gifts and cash. Forty men who already have made commitments will train others--the goal is for 200 men to each find seven donors, says Doug Haugen, LMM director.

Organized in 1988, LMM has relied on money from the churchwide budget for staffing, ministry and events. A proposed restructure of the churchwide organization may change that.

"Your consistent support of our current fund, along with the support of many others, has enabled our ministry to expand greatly over the years," wrote Haugen to supporters, adding that bolder steps are required to build the LMM Mission Endowment Fund, which stands at $115,000. LMM uses interest from the endowment fund to support its ministries.

"We are more excited than ever about Lutheran Men in Mission and the opportunities before us," said Heber Rast, LMM president, Cameron, S.C. "This sends the message that we are a major ingredient in the overall ministry of the ELCA and that men's ministry is important."

Gifts for LMM may be made through the ELCA Foundation (www.elca.org/fo) or the Mission Investment Fund (www.elca.org/mif) by calling (800) 638-3522.


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