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Caleb Crosses the Country: A Camel's Tale (Kregel Kidzone, 2004) is a whimsical look at the Epiphany story. Authors Dan Taylor and Damon J. Taylor tell the story of Caleb, a camel who must overcome his fear of travel to help the wise men on their journey to find baby Jesus.

Children ages 5 and up will enjoy the humorous aspects of the story, such as the wise men's shopping trip to the new and used camel store. The art adds to the whimsy and interest of this story with its colorful, bright cartoon style.

But the book also contains important messages. Children will discover that God can use their gifts even if they are scared. They'll also learn that it can be hard for people to obey God when they feel scared, but they can trust that God will take care of them in such situations. As an added bonus, the book contains a page with questions to help parents discuss these messages with their children.

Order this book from Kregel Publications at www.kregel.com; (616) 451-9330.


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