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Choosing godparents

Start with the "job description": A godparent is to develop a special, lifelong relationship with the godchild, communicating faith and values to her or him in word, deed and play, reminding him of his baptism, rooting for her as she grows and questions and struggles.

What qualities suit a person for this role? Someone who:

• Will take a child seriously and invest time in developing a friendship with him or her.

• Listens well, is caring and trustworthy.

• Is a baptized Christian who could share her or his faith with a child (and later an adult) in conversation or action.

You don't need to have a "matched set" of one man and one woman. You can name just one godparent, or two godmothers or godfathers. It doesn't matter if they are parents. If they are, you can tell how they are with children. But a person without children may value being a godparent all the more because of that.

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