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Splash, Carina, Splash!

It all started as a way to keep her occupied before chapel. I would hold Carina Wirtly, my goddaughter, up to the baptismal font in the back of the seminary chapel and let her play in the water until the service began. It quickly became part of our chapel routine.

Each time we played in the font, I reminded her of her baptism. I took a little water and made the sign of the cross on her forehead.

One day she decided she was going to do the same to me. She took her little hand, scooped up some water and threw it on my forehead. "Don't splash too much, Carina," I said as the water ran down my face.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that as her godmother I was supposed to encourage her to splash all she wanted. Amid going to class, taking exams and wrestling with theology, my goddaughter reminded me to take time to play in the waters of baptism. Now I tell her, "Splash, Carina, splash!"


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