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Lutherans in a (very funny) nutshell

You can tell a lot about a book from its cover. Take The Lutheran Handbook (Augsburg Fortress, 2005), for example. It's not every day you see Martin Luther winking at you. And that's even before you've opened it.

This guide to Lutheran theology and culture is serious and hilarious by turns, offering not only Luther's Small Catechism, religious charts and maps, but such practical guidance as "How to stay alert in church" and a diagram of "How to tell a sinner from a saint." For those who love lists, there are plenty, from the five grossest Bible stories to seven important things Luther said. The handbook, which can be bought separately, is part of Augsburg Fortress' new confirmation program, "Here We Stand" (http://www.herewestandconfirmation.org/; 800-328-4648).


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