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Update: Rader writes to his congregation

In a letter dated March 22, Dennis Rader communicated with his congregation, Christ Lutheran in Wichita, Kan., to thank them for their support, prayers and "Christian thoughts" while he's in jail.

Rader, former church president, was arrested Feb. 25 for allegedly being the BTK killer who haunted Wichita and authorities for 30 years. The letter was written on yellow legal paper and addressed to Christ Lutheran Church in care of its members, said Michael Clark, pastor. He posted the letter on Easter Sunday. Since it drew such interest, he made several copies for the narthex bulletin board, which also holds cards from throughout the ELCA, nation and beyond.

Clark was unsure how the congregation was reacting to the letter, since correspondence sent back to Rader from members is done individually through the mail. Clark continues to visit Rader, but other than a brother, believes no other family members have been to see him.


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