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Where in the world?

Maryland teen goes on a life-changing adventure

Where in the world is Megan Orth?

The member of Salem Lutheran Church, Cantonsville, Md., gives clues in videos for Open the World of Possibilities, a hunger education curriculum produced by the ELCA and Lutheran World Relief.

Megan Orth shoots footage for the Open the World of Possibilities: Nicaragua curriculum in a market in Sebaco, a small town north of Managua.
In June 2004, Megan, then 12, spent 10 days in a country that has:

• Beautiful beaches, mountains, cool volcanoes and yummy food.
• The coolest people—5 million in fact.
• Poverty—2.5 million people are poor, living on $2 a day (that’s the cost of a slice of pizza).

So where in the world was she? Through seven video clips, youth discover that Megan was in Nicaragua, where LWR, an ELCA partner, “helps the groups who help the people to help themselves,” she says.

Jeff Rasmussen of LWR asked his former Sunday school student to host the videos. Megan says she never “really wanted to go to a Third World country. But it sounded fascinating, and it ended up to be.”

It also ended up being a life-changing adventure.

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