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In search of healing

In the midst of war, Congolese Lutherans provide spiritual and physical care

Visible signs of hospitality, shortwave radios, bags of cornmeal and bottles of intravenous serum go hand-in-hand with worship, evangelism, church-run schools and pastoral care for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Congo.

Since August 1998 when war began with neighboring Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi (see map, page 56), the Democratic Republic of Congo has struggled, with more than half of the country in foreign and rebel hands. Before turning against DRC President Laurent Kabila and invading the Congo, those attacking countries had helped him overthrow dictator Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997.

So far the conflict has killed 1.7 million and displaced hundreds of thousands, according to the New York-based International Rescue Committee.

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