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Young authors

Through words and pictures, youth tell about the saints

Youth of Ascension Lutheran Church, Riverside, Ill., can add "author" to the list of their credentials.

Their 24-page book is called Stories From the Family of God for All the Saints. The children wrote about such saints as Joan of Arc, Martin Luther and Olav. Two of the pages are shown here.

The book is the product of a winter retreat on the Christian saints — past and present, famous and not-so-famous. The church wanted to acquaint the children with the history of Christianity, spark their imaginations and build their confidence as children of God.

Published with the help of members who own a printing company, the book was distributed to youth and members on All Saints' Sunday. Visitors and new members also receive the book.

The project was so popular that the congregation is planning another book based on this year's retreat theme — the parables.

For more information or to order the book (cost is $3), write to Ascension at 400 Nuttall Rd., Riverside, IL 60546-1807.


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