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'No more immigrants'

That's what more than 90 percent of Americans want, according to a Gallup Poll taken in January, with 52 percent saying the level of immigration into the United States should be decreased. Just 7 percent favored an increase.

A second January poll, in which CNN and USA Today joined Gallup, found that most Americans, 54 percent, disapprove of President Bush's handling of immigration.

But for most of the public, immigration just isn't a top issue. Just 27 percent, rated immigration as "extremely important," according to an end-of-year Gallup Poll. It also pointed out immigration "remains near the bottom of a list of issues in terms of the priority the president and Congress should give it" in 2005.

The aim of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Baltimore, is to turn these figures — and opinions — around. The LIRS board in October adopted 10-year advocacy goals, which Ralston Deffenbaugh, president, calls "an ambitious and inspiring vision of a better world for refugees and migrants." No. 1: "Expand and revitalize refugee and asylum protection." To see all 10, and background information, go to: www.lirs.org.


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