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ELCA gifts provide for Sept. 11 needs

As of Nov. 29, Lutheran Disaster Response and ELCA Domestic Disaster Response had received $3.7 million for relief efforts after Sept. 11, reported Latonia Farris, ELCA Division for Church in Society staff. Additional gifts of $1 million and $650,000 were expected from Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood, respectively, said Johanna Olson, assistant director for ELCA Domestic Disaster Response.

About $896,000 had been sent to the New York area for distribution, said Gil Furst, ELCA Domestic Disaster Response director. Furst's office receives funding proposals from congregations, social ministry organizations and others in affected areas.

Those funds will continue to be distributed over time, since the ELCA will be involved in Sept. 11 disaster relief for "a minimum of 10 years," and possibly "a generation," Furst added.

Gifts will help provide day-to-day assistance for emergencies in congregations and communities; Camp Noah, a weeklong day camp for children traumatized by disasters; counseling and child grief events; ministry to immigrants and undocumented workers; and care for caregivers-pastors and others who are directly responding to Sept. 11-related needs.


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