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Making headlines

Sister Elisabeth's ministry made headlines in the big daily newspapers at least twice. First, when the Deaconess Hospital tended to the needs of those involved in a terrible accident at Woodrow Station. "Not one of them died. ... Yet only one of the patients reimbursed the hospital for care given," according to an account from The Borrowed Sister by Erling Nicolai Rolfsrud (Augsburg Publishing House, 1939).

The second, when Sister Elisabeth spoke before a state committee. She explained that her hospital helped patients of all nationalities and creeds, that ambulance cases were never rejected. "Sister Elisabeth Fedde went to Albany to plead the cause of the Norwegian Hospital in Brooklyn. ... She was the only woman present and deserves a bouquet for her eloquent speech and her excellent arguments for granting her hospital the state aid allotment of $4,000," wrote the New York Herald.


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