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What would Jesus do?

Not WWJD but WDJD. It seems the bracelet's popular slogan — "What Would Jesus Do?" — is still everywhere. But, of course, it's nothing new. I remember reading a book whose purpose was to announce what Jesus would do in certain situations — not too different from much of the preaching and teaching I hear in the church today. Moralisms. New commandments. Legal language.

At a Michigan youth gathering, the singing duo Lost And Found boldly challenged the teenagers and their counselors with a more important question, "What Did Jesus Do?"

Jesus died for us and was raised from the dead precisely because we can never come close to doing what he would do. The debt of all our sin is paid. The morality we live as Christians is a product of our being baptized into Jesus' death and resurrection. So the question is changed. What really matters is what Jesus did.

So maybe I'll create a product line. Or, better yet, let me invite you to ask the question — What Did Jesus Do? — again and again and then thankfully live as a baptized, rescued member of the church.


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