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'God'll get you for that'

At the wedding reception of two friends, someone tells an embarrassing joke. The joke-teller notices the offense, clears his throat and says into the microphone, "God'll get me for that!"

Just because this slogan is so often used in casual conversation doesn't mean it's true. In fact, just the opposite is true.

First, the saying locates God somewhere other than where God has promised to be: with us. Second, it suggests that wherever God happens to be, God is interested only in keeping score and meting out punishment.

This theology suggests that God is ultimately the great reactor. If that were true, we would conclude that God's relationship with us depends, ultimately, on us. That is, we become the actors and God the reactor. This is most certainly not true.

If the joke-teller needs assurance, tell him: "God already has you."


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