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'Let go and let God'

If you're trying to control something you can't, "letting go" is a reminder that we aren't in control and can't handle everything alone. But the choice isn't between our handling things and God's handling things.

The idea of "letting God" take care of things gives a false impression of how God acts. God works in and through creation, including in and through us. We are partners with God in ongoing creation. "Letting God" may seem like respect for God and God's sovereignty, but it's actually turning our back on our relationship with God. "Letting God" sounds like hope, but it ignores God's presence here and now. God isn't some force or person external to the world who intervenes in our affairs. God is present and active with us in our situation.

"Let go and let God" is like saying to your partner, "Oh, you do it." Maybe God could run the world without us. But that's not the creation God made. Besides, God is too involved with us to go it alone.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or if things seem out of control, remember: You weren't created to be in control but to work with God, who is. Remember, too, that Jesus said, "Don't be afraid" and promised not to leave us alone.


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