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Think forward

Five-year project shapes resources for Renewing Worship

Think back. The year was 1978 and a new hymnal arrived in your pew. It was green. It likely replaced the one known forevermore as "the red book." This new one would go by several names: The Lutheran Book of Worship, the LBW or "the green book." It would be both revered and reviled.

Now think forward. It's been 24 years, after all. Enter: Renewing Worship, a five-year project that will result in new ELCA worship resources. But don't automatically picture a new plaid hymnal in your future. In fact, those close to this project would just as soon you didn't say hymnal at all for fear of pigeonholing what is yet to be. In fact, as this project moves into its second year it's becoming increasingly clear that new worship resources will be just that: resources.

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