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My friend Corie Stewart recommended that I read Love Comes Softly (Bethany House, 1994). It is the first in a series by Janet Oke, author of more than 30 Christian fiction titles.

The series tells about Marty, a young pioneer woman who is struck by tragedy. After her husband's death on their way West, this mother-to-be finds herself in a difficult predicament. She marries Clark David, a widower and single father of Missie. Marty becomes "mother" to Missie, while Clark helps her understand and love a God she had never known.

Marty causes many problems, including baking biscuits that even the dog wouldn't eat and accidentally washing the chinking off the log walls. Then Marty's son is born and life takes on a new meaning.

The rest of the series describes the coming-of-age of their eight children and the trials and triumphs of farm life out West.

I believe this book reminds us that struggles happen for a reason and even though there may be hardships in life, there is usually a way to overcome the obstacles. I highly recommend reading any of Oke's stories.

The "Love Comes Softly" series can be ordered from www.amazon.com or from a local bookstore.


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