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Four torchbearers

LeRoy E.P. Reitz (left) carries the Olympic torch in December, early in its two-month, 13,500-mile relay across America.

The pastor of Trinity, Milton, Pa., who is known for his community service, was nominated by the congregation and his three sons for the honor. He is among the 11,500 people who handed off the torch as it made its way to Salt Lake City to open the Winter Olympic Games Feb. 8.

Two others chosen as torchbearers are Nayda and Bryce Littlefield, Immanuel, Moses Lake, Wash. Bryce nominated his mother, who has survived two bouts of cancer, and the selection committee chose to honor them both. And Kent Olson, Christ, Lakewood, Wash., was nominated by his wife, Barbara, because of his work in the New York recovery efforts (December, page16).


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