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Ice, camera, action

Sean Colahan's dream of participating in this year's Winter Olympics came true, though you didn't see him glide across the ice or ski down a mountain. That's because Colahan was hired to work behind the scenes, making sure that all technical operations ran smoothly for commentators from countries around the world.

"I was watching the Sydney games, and I thought it would be great to work on the next Olympics because they were in Salt Lake City," said Colahan, a member of St. John Lutheran Church, Mohnton, Pa., and a sophomore at Ithaca [N.Y.] College. "I found out International Sports Broadcasting was the host broadcaster for the Olympics and that they were hiring students."

Colahan entered the broadcast company's training program last summer and was selected to work with 10 commentators in the arena for figure skating and short-track speed-skating competitions.

He took college courses over the summer so he could take this semester off to work the Olympics without falling behind. A TV broadcast major, he hopes to work in the world of documentary production--he has already founded Seanermax, a video production business.

A love of winter sports and TV, this assignment is dream come true for Colahan.


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