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They love me a lot

My name is Ian Douglas Spotts, child of God. When I was baptized, the pastor poured water on my head and that welcomed me into God's family. One of the pastors was my grandfather. I got a baptismal candle to celebrate the anniversary of my baptism. My four grandparents and two of my uncles were there.

The Greenes, a very special family, were at my baptism too. They are my baptismal sponsors. Sometimes they baby-sit me. They feel like part of my family because they love me a lot. Two people in the church, Mr. and Mrs. Albright, made a special banner for me. It has a dove with a shell in its mouth. The banner hangs in my room so I can remember my baptism. It is big.

All these people love me a lot. Jesus was sent to show God's love to all people. God loves me too.


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