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Bless This Day and The Family Hand-Me-Down Book

Both ordinary events and creative activities can lead to teaching moments. Two books provide opportunities for teaching prayer and learning how to create and preserve family traditions.

In Bless This Day (ISBN 0819218375), author Anne E. Kitch makes the ordinary special. Using the Psalms, she wrote rhyming prayers for children's daily events — waking up, riding in the car, playing, bathtime and more. The prayers are simple and easy to remember. As preschoolers recite the prayers with their parents, they can learn that God is praised and celebrated in life's ordinary moments.

The artwork is fun, lively and colorful, making this a delightful board book that children should enjoy reading time and again.

The Family Hand-Me-Down Book (ISBN 0806640359) is fun for children of all ages. Author Debbie Trafton O'Neal, a member of Grace Lutheran Church, Des Moines, Wash., has written several activity books. This time she provides projects that teach youth about family roots, making memories, keeping photos, cooking traditions and more. Youth can have fun making a special-day tablecloth, a celebrate-a-blessing book, a "rogue's gallery" photo wall and more.

This would be a great addition to your bookshelf if you're looking for fun projects to build strong families.

Both books can be ordered from Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, (800) 328-4648; www.augsburgfortress.org.


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