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AAL and LB members to vote on name: Thrivent

Following the Jan. 1 merger of Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans, the fraternal's 3 million members are being asked to vote on a new name for the organization.

The proposed name, "Thrivent Financial for Lutherans," was chosen after what President and CEO Bruce Nicholson called "an exhaustive search," as well as research with focus groups of members and nonmember Lutherans.

Thrivent is derived from the word "thrive," Nicholson said, adding, "The new name reinforces our commitment to helping Lutherans reach financial goals and participate in charitable giving and volunteering on behalf of the Lutheran community."

Members will receive ballots inside two publications: AAL's Correspondent and LB's Bond. A simple majority is needed to ratify the name.

Ratification and the necessary regulatory approvals are expected to be in place so the new name can be used about mid-2002.

A corporate symbol was also developed — a gold and red heart that, according to an AAL/LB news release, "represents caring for, and unity with, the Lutheran community."

While the organization's fraternal benefit society and mutual fund offerings will serve only Lutherans and employees or alumni of Lutheran institutions, its credit unions will be open to anyone in a community.


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