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The faces of Christianity

How does Christianity look today? What image or face represents the Christian faith to you? Christianity shows up in many forms and in many places. It appears in everyday activities or tragic events. The face of Christianity could be on your neighbor who checks up on you from time to time or on a humanitarian worker helping the sick or dying. It appears in a rescue worker trying to save a life or a mother caring for her children. You don't have to look far to find it, but you do have to be able to see it.

With this in mind, The Lutheran hired very visual people, photographers, to go out and shoot one image that they felt communicated a face of Christianity. Good photographers not only see with their eyes but with their hearts. Quite often the face of Christianity doesn't materialize until it pulls on your heart, then you can see it with extreme clarity.

The photographers were to shoot in black and white only. Color can distract from the actual message of the image, where black and white zeroes in on the subject without any extraneous influences. The photographers are from varying backgrounds both in religion and life experiences. Christianity naturally means something different for each of them. What you see on the following pages is what influenced them, what they saw with their eyes and with their hearts.

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