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Boys in the Hood

In Chicago's Cabrini-Green, there's 'holy family'

Here's the problem: You have nine identical gold balls, one containing a rare and valuable coin. If you open the wrong ball, you forfeit the coin. You have a sensitive scale that can tell you which ball holds the coin because it's heavier than the others. But here's the catch: You can use the scale only twice. How do you find the ball with the coin?

If you can't figure it out, ask one of the Boys in the Hood from Holy Family Lutheran Church.

Holy Family sits on the edge of Chicago's Cabrini-Green, arguably one of the most famous — or notorious — public housing developments in the country. It was the location of the 70s TV sitcom Good Times, and some of the show's exterior scenes were shot there. Before and after the show, Cabrini-Green had a reputation for rampant poverty, gangs, violence, drugs and crime.

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