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First impressions

Looking at us, what do people see?

First impressions belong to the dynamic of human relationships. They are often wrong or at least mercifully modified over time.

Oh, how I tried to impress my wife, Ione, favorably on our first date. Coming out of a restaurant I slipped on ice, ripping my jacket, skinning my forehead, cutting my lip. Only a forced laugh partially masked my humiliation. Would that be her lasting impression?

Thankfully, God doesn't seem bound by first impressions: Moses — a murderer on the run; Sarah and Abraham — beyond childbearing years; Mary — a young, single, peasant woman; Paul — a persecutor of Jesus' followers; a Samaritan woman at a well — an outsider by virtue of gender, class, homeland. Yet each was drawn by God into the drama of God's salvation story.

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