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Design a cross

This Easter art project was submitted by the third- through fifth-grade Sunday school class at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynchburg, Va.

Materials needed:
• Poster board or corrugated cardboard. Size depends on how big you want your cross to be.
• Various colors of tissue paper cut in 1-inch squares.
• Glue.
• Pencils with erasers.

Trace a cross on your poster board or cardboard. Cut out the cross. Twist your 1-inch tissue paper square around the eraser end of your pencil. Dab the tissue into the glue. Press tissue down anywhere on your cardboard cross. Repeat until the entire cross is covered, making sure to vary the colors throughout.

The project took two Sundays to complete. The class hung its cross on the classroom door.

Another project
Youth at Zion Lutheran Church, Youngstown, Ohio, made four banners to hang in the church. The children painted their impressions of Lent, Easter and the Ascension on pieces of cloth using a fabric marker. The individual pictures made up a collage of images to share with the congregation.


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