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Good mooring

An e-mail greeting brings remembrance of a mother's faith

As I checked morning e-mail, I caught the words greeting me: "Good mooring."

Words and their meanings fascinate me. I found myself pondering this visual typo — captured by the unintended meaning.

A couple hours later, I had to open the dictionary to refresh my memory of the exact nautical meaning: A mooring is the lines, cables, etc., by which a ship is held to the shore. Held. Attached. Anchored. Secured.

I thought of my mooring in my faith and the blessing my mother, in particular, has been.

Marcia Pettey Sears is a woman of passion and perseverance. Her faith has seen her through an upbringing by a single mother after her father died when she was 4, the loss of my day-old sister, a challenging

marriage and divorce, an unsettling job change at a time in her life that caused great anxiety. I never heard Mom once question, "Why me, God?"

She uses her faith in God and the promises she has held dear all her life to sustain her through the sadness and lift her in her joys. My mother's anchor in Jesus as her strength and promise is a picture of how to live life moored in a faith that says, "I am so very richly blessed that I give my life for others." She bakes, sews and buys for neighbors, co-workers and family. She leads me, my brother and her five grandchildren still — even as she made sure that my brother and I were in church each Sunday. Without the mooring of my mother in Christ, our anchor, I would be adrift.

So thank you, Mom, for the incredible gift you gave me as my anchor in life on earth. By your actions, perseverance, and belief in me and in Jesus, you gave me a cable that holds me securely no matter the storm that blows my way.

Good mooring to you.


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