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Creating a child-friendly world

Thai Christians provide safety from the tourist sex trade

Daeng receives good care and lots of love — and she is relatively safe. The 7-year-old hasn't always known such safety and care. Her mother, a trash collector in the resort city of Pattaya, Thailand, is HIV-positive. Daeng is too.

To make extra money, her mother solicits foreigners for sex. Daeng's father, who left her mother, takes care of her two brothers who are healthy.

But Daeng (not her real name) shares a home with 29 children in Pattaya, which is east of Bangkok. Operated by the Church of Christ in Thailand, Baan Jingjai ("Home of Sincerity") was established 10 years ago as part of the CCT's child prostitution prevention project. Long a partner with the CCT, the ELCA also is exploring ways to relate to The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand, established in 1994.

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