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Iowa fields: Not just corn and soybeans

As Brenda Pecogne, pastor of Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls, Iowa, lifts the chalice during the the words of institution, member Larry Doehrmann is filled with more than a normal measure of humility.

Doehrmann sees his gift of homemade wine for communion as a true offering, Pecogne says, and it is valued in the same way as those who make communion bread.

"He has said it means so much to him to see the cup lifted and know that he has given some small measure of himself back in service to the one who gave so much for him," Peconge says. "When I say, 'These are the gifts of God for the people of God,' I am struck by the circle of giving in the eucharist in this place. Larry sees his wine as an offering of his time, his talent and a 'good' made with his own hands."

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