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What you can do to promote peace

Consider these suggestions from the ELCA task force on the Decade for Nonviolence as you plan ways to promote peace--from your family, congregation and community to the country and worldwide.

For the full list see www.elca.org/dcs/program.html.

• Begin with prayer.

• Strengthen your commitment to peacemaking in all you do and say using Families Living the Pledge of Nonviolence, available from the ELCA at (800) 638-3522.

• Promote peace and nonviolence education in your congregation.

• Explore the program From Violence to Wholeness by Pace E. Bene. Contact Lutheran Peace Fellowship, www.LutheranPeace.org or (206) 720-0313, about this or other resources.

• Plan a time for confession and reconciliation with those closest to you.

• Consider the impact of the toys, games, television and material goods around your child. Make use of video programs for all ages from the Center for Media Literacy, www.medialit.org or (800) 226-9494.

• Advocate for community and national policies that build a culture of nonviolence. Use action alerts and briefing papers from the Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, www.loga.org or (202) 783-7507.

• Use the skills of music, art, stories and drama to explore nonviolence.

• Support victims of domestic and civil violence.

• Read and study For Peace in God's World, the ELCA social statement on peace.


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