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'Come, let us eat'

Providing a ministry of food and presence in a frantic world

Perhaps you've carried your plate through the food line in a church basement, gazing and grazing on fare similar to this one: cold-meat sandwiches, Jell-O salad and square pieces of cake maneuvered straight from the 9-by-12-inch pan.

And coffee. Plenty of coffee.

It may be the same lunch you had last week after the funeral of a beloved neighbor or relative, or it may evoke fond memories of being "back home" in your parents' or grandparents' church.

It's a cross-cultural experience, this ministry of food and presence. It's not just Lutheran, and yet, it's very Lutheran. Some might even call it sacramental: the cup of coffee and--as my mother used to say--"a little something with it." To make it truly sacramental, the other "something with it" is the presence of a friend.

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