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From the bookshelf: Guest reviewer

Do you like historical fiction? If so, you'll love the "Bonnets and Bugles" series by Gilbert Morris. I like this series because it seems as if history comes alive. It takes place during the Civil War.

The first book, Drummer Boy at Bull Run, starts in 1861, just days before the Confederates fire on Fort Sumter. Tom Majors and Sarah Carter are practically engaged when the Major family sides with the South and Royal Carter (Sarah's brother) fights for the Union.

The Majors then move to Richmond, Va. Jeff Majors enlists as a drummer boy, while his dad and brother, Tom, become soldiers. Irene Majors (Jeff and Tom's mother) then dies giving birth to Esther. Since the Carters are still the Majors' best friends, Esther goes to live with them.

Can the Majors keep their faith in God and make it through the war?


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