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We live in tension with a culture that erodes our core identity

Lane Knouse moonlights for fun as an accordion player in German restaurants. His day job is pastor of two ELCA congregations in Lacon and Varna, Ill. And he has something our church needs much more of.

I met Knouse in June at the Central/Southern Illinois Synod assembly, and we began swapping stories of family joys and sorrows. With affection and pride, he described his teenage daughter, a recovering alcoholic who has struggled mightily for sobriety, and his son who just left home, needing to be on his own. He continued, sharing that his wife has begun to show signs of the incurable genetic disease that took her father's life.

"Funny," he said, "the crazier things get the calmer I become. I take every day as a blessing, and I know even if I lose my wife I'll spend eternity with her. Separations are only for a while."

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