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The more I know about creation ...

the more I will know about God

Sometimes God's faithful people are frightened — not blessed — by scientific discoveries, forgetting that one of God's first assignments for us was to find words for creation.

I'm blessed by a remade heart and eyes. Science and its outcomes have meant 10 more years, so far, for me. It's been a time to rejoice in the development of my grandchildren, to care for my wife, to read and write, and to serve the people of my church and neighborhood. How ungrateful to decry the process that led to these goods: Science is God's gracious gift to the human community.

God created me out of love and placed me in a garden — to enjoy, cherish, care for and to name. The scientist strives to find more accurate descriptions for the garden's stuff — new names to adorn and deepen old names. Gardens grow, blossom, die and are reborn. God loves me whether I walk on two feet, ride a horse, drive my old Buick or travel by spacecraft — even more, I think, as my insights about our mutual garden grow.


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