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Jump-starting Reformation

Are we willing to take some risks for the gospel?

Five hundred years a go God used Martin Luther to jump-start the Christian church, waking it up once again to the joy and power of grace. For 500 years the Lutheran church has carried the baton of the Reformation.

But today many voices are calling for a new reformation. And for some compelling reasons:

The Lutheran church isn't increasing. Membership is at best holding steady, at worst declining slightly.

The unchurched population is growing. In the 1940s 90 percent of teens were churched. Today only 50 percent are.

Those currently attending church aren't growing in their faith life. According to a study on effective Christian education by the Minneapolis-based Search Institute, 47 percent of adult Lutherans fall into the "underdeveloped faith" category. Only 24 percent have an "integrated faith."

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