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Kids' art for kids

Conn. church raises funds for hungry children

The name says it all. To raise money for hungry children throughout the world, youth at Salem Lutheran Church, Bridgeport, Conn., drew pictures. Organizers appropriately called the project "Kids' Art for Kids."

An exhibit and silent auction was held June 2 at Salem, with 41 of the children's drawings up for bid (not all of the pictures were about world hunger). All of the artwork sold, and $676 was sent to the ELCA World Hunger Program, earmarked for hungry children.

The project started with instructor Diane Wyckoff, who is an active fund-raiser and advocate for world hunger. She has raised money for the ELCA World Hunger Program and Disaster Response by giving talks and presenting her illustrations on hunger in many locations. She educates her students to the needs of children in grave risk. Her message is based upon the Lord's command to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless from Matthew 25.

For their part of the project, students drew their heartfelt concepts of children in need. Wyckoff maintains that children can see and represent the truth with unbiased, unsophisticated clarity. You can see some of their artwork on these pages.




Posted at 11:17 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/8/2008

do you mind posting some cool easy  art crafts for my sunday skhool kids!!!!Cryplease

thank you the church from chiply

Web Manager

Web Manager

Posted at 9:40 am (U.S. Eastern) 4/10/2008

Sumer,  Every issue of The Little Lutheran includes an activity appropriate for children age 6 and younger ... many can be adapted for older ages. Consider a subscription …


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