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Lutheran Disaster Response is ready to offer long-term aid as communities recover from fires in the West. In Arizona, Lutheran Social Ministry of the Southwest is working with religious and state agencies to assess needs and resources. In Colorado, pastors and parishioners in Durango met with Lutheran Family Services of Colorado to organize relief efforts. LDR asked Christine Iverson, an ELCA pastor who works with Lutheran Social Services of Kansas/Oklahoma, to implement a curriculum for children dealing with the emotional effects of evacuations, loss of property and crisis settings. Send contributions to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response "Western Fires," P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764; call (800) 638-3522; or visit www.elca.org/giving.

• Wheat Ridge Ministries, a Lutheran agency that assists health and wellness programs, will offer Congregation Healthand Hope Grants to 25 congregations in November. The grants are to be used for developing health and wellness programs for churches and surrounding communities. Up to $2,000 per single congregation and $6,000 per collaboration of two or more congregations is available. Application deadline is Sept. 30. For more information, call Wheat Ridge at (800) 762-6748 or visit www.wheatridge.org.

• Where do you see Jesus? Members of St. Paul Lutheran, Wheaton, Ill., and its visual arts committee, answered that question by submitting images for a "Jesus Wall" in the church. Images include a punkish teen, a seaside couple, Jesus of the People by artist Janet McKenzie, lithographs of saints, and portraits of people in everyday relationships and situations. View the collection, which changes occasionally, at www.stpaulwheaton.org/Wall2/Wall2index.html.


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