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Keeping clergy burnout at bay

Our goal is to make sure our pastors do not become victims of this tragedy," says Cindy Camp, coordinator of Respite and Renewal ministries. The ministry, based at the Lutheran Home at Topton, Pa., is how some New York church professionals are spelling relief.

Funded by Lutheran Disaster Response, more than 30 congregations in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod and other contributors have donated a member's vacation home or paid for a clergy family's stay at a bed and breakfast or hotel. Camp also keeps a volunteer list of pastors nationwide who will cover for New York or New Jersey pastors on leave.

The respite program is the result of what LDR and others have learned following such disasters as Hurricane Andrew, flooding in the Red River Valley and the Oklahoma City bombing: Many — if not most — clergy leave congregations affected by disaster within a couple of years.

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