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Harvest help

The plight of a Salemsborg Lutheran Church, Smolan, Kan., family and the help they received made the Salina [Kan.] Journal in June.

Combines pulled into Eldon Tillberg's wheat fields one afternoon — driven by other parishioners and neighbors. The previous day, Mary Tillberg had a stem-cell transplant. The community crew harvested 500 acres by 6:15 p.m., saving Tillberg at least four days and freeing him up to be with his wife, who Ethan Feistner, pastor, says is doing well and was to return to work in September.
"It about takes your breath away," Eldon Tillberg said, choking back emotion as he watched 13 combines roll through a 160-acre field. In addition to donated grain trucks, discounted parts from a tire company for those helping the Tillbergs and an on-site mechanic to help with breakdowns, a local restaurant donated 40 meals for a feast at the Smolan Fire Department that night.

Church members LeRoy and Colleen Pihl organized the day's events, spurred by a conversation at church one Sunday. "It kind of changes your perspective on things," said parishioner Jane MacDonald, who received similar care when she needed it.


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