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Celebrating diversity

Diversity isn't a new direction for the ELCA

They sang joyfully. They sang through the tears of those who have experienced grace firsthand. They stamped their feet and clapped their hands, swaying to the music of Abe Caceras, member of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Milwaukee. This was a time of celebration — of prayer and worship. It was also a time for learning and discussion between the ELCA's various ethnic communities.

The more than 300 people in Houston Nov. 6-8 attending the ELCA Multicultural Mission Institute came to reflect on the past and catch a vision of the future. Keynote speaker Ryan LaHurd wove past and present together, pointing to Jesus as source: "It is critically important that those within the church who think that diversity and inclusiveness will threaten or weaken it recognize that such diversity already exists."

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Embracing diversity