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This year's feast

Cancer deepens my thanksgiving for numbered days, for rainbows and for turkeys

My diagnosis of breast cancer a year ago turned out to be an invitation to a rich spiritual feast. At first, it turned the tables on me. As a pastor and friend, I've accompanied so many people through the whole journey of cancer that I thought I was peculiarly immune. I had become quite a know-it-all, saying things like, "There are plenty of cures for cancer today."

Indeed, there are plenty of cures — but that doesn't mean cancer isn't a fierce shark invading our previously quiet swimming pool. Whether it "bites" us or not, the pool is no longer as serene or safe.

Cancer is a stubborn biological fact. It can kill you. Stress-free and stressed-out people both get it. The reality of this became my first course at the feast of spiritual dimensions.

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