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Meditation with a mouse

Members of many congregations are grabbing their mouse when it's time for meditation. Congregations increasingly are using e-mail and the Web, says Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet Project.

A recent study by the group found that 83 percent of respondents say their church's use of the Internet helped congregational life.

Reformation Lutheran, Wichita, Kan., is one such congregation. Two years ago it created a daily Lenten devotional on e-mail. Members write the devotions.

Last year more than 500 people signed up for it. Check its site at www.reformation-lutheran.org/lent.

All Saints Lutheran Church, Palatine, Ill., also sends e-devotions to members. Now it's added a Bible discussion group, Saints@Home.

Many other ELCA congregations are trying variations of the theme. In weekly e-mail to members, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Chicago, posts a reflection on the past Sunday's text, lists people to hold in prayer and announces upcoming events.


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