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Listen to your life

God's voice can get drowned out in the din of daily life. Our "busyness" often induces a spiritual slumber in which we fail to receive the day's blessings. We forget who we are, Whose we are. This practice can help you catch your breath and see your life with sacramental imagination.

Quiet yourself, remembering God's great love for you. Remember that you are in God's presence.

Give thanks for blessings that came to you during the day--a conversation with a friend or caring co-worker, a child's hug, the reality of forgiveness, the beauty of music or art.

Ask God to open your eyes and heart to see how God has been present during the day.

Reflect on the day. What has been happening in you? How has God been drawing you?

Helpful questions:
What made you more or less able to live in faith, hope and love? Who revealed God's goodness to you or showed you the face of Jesus? What brought you a sense of God's love or of peace? Were you drawn to or away from God by your fears, anger, joys, work, play, relationships, misunderstandings? Where did you witness unsung saints, the liberation of self-sacrifice or the desire for greater beauty, justice and mercy? How did God draw you to your identity as God's beloved in these things?

Speak to God about what you noticed. Ask forgiveness for your sins and give thanks for the Spirit's active presence, inviting you to live more awake to the blessing and joy of God.

Some find that writing their reflections in a journal helps them see the day more clearly.


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