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A house for the sick

Lutheran hospital cares for the poor in Papua New Guinea

Imagine bringing all of your own bedding and food with you whenever you're hospitalized. Now imagine paying only $1 for an operation and 50 cents for outpatient service. Welcome to Yagaum Hausik in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, where the highest priority is affordable care for poor, rural patients.


Clean linoleum floors and a fresh antiseptic scent greet visitors to the hausik ("house for the sick" in Melanesian English, the lingua franca). Nestled in the lush emerald foliage of the coastal lowlands, the well-
respected rural facility is one of three hospitals sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. Before its founding in 1950 by Dr. Theodore Braun, Yagaum was used as a barracks for Japanese soldiers during World War II and was bombed by American fighter pilots.

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